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Why Sarah?  She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has worked in most roles during that time.  Gym instructor/manager, studio coordinator, PT, specialist exercise professional, referral scheme manager, tutor, assessor, quality assurance, qualification development and EV, you name it – she’s done it!  Plus she has a Level 5 NVQ in Leadership and Management and is a Certified Business Strategist so she can help you to create, run and grow your business.

Sarah has worked with large and small training providers and for awarding organisations and has run her own successful training centre for 15 years.  She is the author of five books in the ‘Complete Guide to …’ series published by Bloomsbury and is a regular contributor to mainstream and trade publications, including FitPro.

When not working you will usually find Sarah walking by the mountains, the sea or anywhere in nature!

Training courses

If you want to develop your career and share your experience and knowledge by moving into training, assessing and quality assurance, the following courses are ideal:

  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training
  • Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocational Achievement
  • Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices

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If you want to add specialist qualifications to your portfolio, we offer the following to help you open up a new client base.  

  • Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • Level 3 Award in Designing Exercise Programmes for Disabled Clients
  • Certificate in Activity and Exercise for Adults with Mental Health Conditions

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Centre Support Packages

Sarah is a certified Business Strategist so if you want to run your own training organisation, or already run a centre but need more support and guidance, we have packages to help you.  There are start up options to guide you through setting up and running your centre or gaining CPD accreditation, and annual or one off support options to help develop and grow your business.

  • Basic Centre Start Up or Accreditation Package
  • VIP Start Up or Accreditation Package
  • Annual Support Package
  • One-off Strategy and Growth Package

Click here for details of these packages

If you would like to book a consultation to discuss your career options or create an action plan for your next steps, email me at and we can discuss this further.  

Episode 48: Put your own oxygen mask on first with Charlotte Lawson

* Start with five minutes or 10 minutes of self-care time, and think, “these are the reasons why it’s important for me”.
* It’s so helpful for everybody when we put ourselves first and say “no this is important and I’m going to do this for me” you feel better for doing it and everyone around you benefits.*
* It’s not selfish, it’s self-care, it’s self-compassion, it’s self-growth.
* Celebrate the fact that you’ve done something just for you, no matter how little or much you’ve done.

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Episode 47: Stop resisting resistance training with Heather Lock

Resistance training is a powerful tool for women’s health and happiness, especially for those over 40.
Resistance training is not just about building muscle mass; it improves body composition, strength, and overall health.
There are various ways to incorporate resistance training into daily life, starting slowly and finding what works best for each individual.
Beyond physical appearance, resistance training offers numerous benefits including boosting metabolism, improving bone density, and enhancing mental health.
Resistance training plays a crucial role in preventing chronic conditions like diabetes and promoting cardiovascular health.
While the 10,000 steps goal is beneficial, incorporating movement throughout the day is equally important for overall health.
Small, manageable changes in daily routines, such as taking walking meetings or doing simple exercises during breaks, can significantly impact health.
Becoming more active leads to craving healthier options and better nutrition choices.
Good nutrition, combined with regular exercise like resistance training, results in positive changes in both appearance and overall well-being.
It’s never too early or too late to start resistance training, and the benefits extend beyond physical appearance to a longer, healthier life.

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Episode 44: Lucy Woods, how mindfulness helps us be active

1. Cultivating Pleasure in Stillness:
• Lucy challenges the societal norm of constant busyness and highlights the benefits of finding pleasure in non-doing and stillness.
• Stresses the significance of rest and digest mode, countering the cultural notion of constant activity as a badge of honor.
2. Beginner’s Mind in Mindfulness:
• Lucy explains the concept of “beginner’s mind,” encouraging the approach of experiencing each moment as if it’s the first time.
• Emphasizes the need to be present and engaged in the current moment, fostering a sense of curiosity and openness.
3. Mindful Movement and Workouts:
• Sarah shares insights on incorporating mindfulness into physical activities, advocating for relaxation before intense workouts.
• Discusses the benefits of being mentally present during workouts, enabling better focus and awareness of the body’s signals.
4. Mindfulness for Cancer Rehabilitation:
• Lucy and Sarah explore applying mindfulness in cancer rehabilitation, considering the variability of physical and mental states during treatment.
• Discuss the importance of gentle movements, stress management, and promoting healing through mindfulness.
5. Mindfulness and Self-Reflection:
• Sarah underscores the role of mindfulness in self-reflection, allowing individuals to assess their physical and mental states on a given day.
• Encourages tailoring activities based on daily conditions, promoting a mindful approach to physical well-being.
6. Setting Realistic Goals with Mindfulness:
• Lucy and Sarah discuss the concept of exercising to tolerance, considering both psychological and physical capabilities.
• Advocates for setting realistic and flexible goals to avoid unnecessary stress and foster a gentle discipline.
7. Mindfulness and Balancing Discipline:
• Lucy highlights the gentle discipline involved in mindfulness, where individuals give themselves permission to be present and practice self-care.
• Encourages listeners to approach mindfulness with curiosity and without judgment

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Episode 46: Kevin Kibble, Prostate Cancer and Me

1. On the Importance of Early Testing:
• “When was your last PSA test? It’s not the be all and end all, but for God’s sake, it’s an eight-quid test. If your GP really won’t give it to you, buy it. Your life is worth more than that.”
2. On the Emotional Aspect of Men’s Health Discussions:
• “The chief executive of the Orchid Cancer Charity came in and talked to just a group of guys on Tuesday. And that’s really interesting because we’re talking about stuff guys would never talk about.”
3. On the Role of Muscle Strength in Prostate Health:
• “Staying fit is a real, real bonus, but it’s being fit in the right way, pounding the roads running is not necessarily the best way of staying fit. Muscle strength. Building those muscles.”
4. On the Importance of Knowing Family Medical History:
• “Know your medical history. Know the medical history of your family because inside you, you don’t know what’s going on.”
5. On the Power of Advocacy and Spreading Awareness:
• “I’ve been for the test. I’ve been for the test. And I’m saying, well, that’s great. That’s what I want you to do. Spread the word yourselves as well because it’s not just, it’s one in eight of us will get it. One in eight men will get prostate cancer.”

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Episode 45: Roxy King – working with your menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycles have never been on my radar… until I stumbled upon this transformative coaching program, and it was like what I’ve been waiting for my whole life.”
2. “Understanding these four seasons was like constant light bulb moments. It helps you understand yourself better and guides you through every aspect of life.”
3. “Your body will be better off if you honour each of the inner seasons and don’t overdo it. It will thank you for it.”
4. “If you imagine going for a personal best in your inner autumn when you’re just about to start your period, you’re not giving yourself the best chance. Listen to what your body needs at that time.”
5. “Plan your activities according to your inner seasons. By working with your cycle rather than forcing through it, it’s going to be much more productive.”

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Title: Exploring Mindfulness with Lucy Woods: A Journey to Present Living Introduction: In this episode of Creating Active Lives, host Sarah Bolitho welcomes special guest Lucy Woods, an experienced mindfulness teacher...

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Episode 43: Claire Jones getting back on track

1. Realistic Resolutions: Encourage setting practical New Year’s resolutions, acknowledging the impracticality of sudden and extreme changes in lifestyle.
2. Gradual Progress: Emphasize the value of gradual steps in achieving health and wellness goals, comparing it to the process of learning to drive or training for a marathon.
3. Holistic Approach: Stress the importance of considering the broader context, including lifestyle, social life, and cooking skills, when making changes to dietary habits.
4. Foundation for Change: Highlight the need for a stable foundation in life before making significant changes, focusing on factors like sleep, routine, and overall life stability.
5. Small Steps, Big Impact: Advocate for taking small, manageable steps in daily activities, recognizing that consistent progress, even in minor increments, leads to significant achievements over time.
6. Enjoyable Habits: Shift the mindset from viewing healthy habits as obligations to finding enjoyment in nourishing the body and mind, promoting sustainable motivation.

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